The workshop is applied for a whole semester or for two or three weekends. The idea is to introduce the possibilities of this very special and ambitious way of photography. The goal of the workshop is to internalize the possibilities of stereophotography in an artistic repertoire.

The workshop is rendered in three parts:

  1. A bit of theory (1 session/ 1 day)
  2. Practical experiments (5-6 sessions/ 1st weekend)
  3. Postproduction and presentation (2nd weekend)
  1. The workshop starts with a theory session. It serves to explain the theoretical and optical phenomena which are inevitable for a prosperous result.
  2. The workshop is mainly intended to be practical. From my own experience it is rather exciting to develop his own project and find out more about a specific interest by experimenting with the media and a scene. So the second and third session will be an excursion either into the city (on the street, in a museum, a construction site) or a place outside of Oslo. During these two sessions I will assist them to obtain a basic understanding of the techniques and methods to produce a proper 3D picture. Thereafter, the students have to create their own projects. I will attend them by reviewing their work.
  3. The 3rd part is dedicated for postproduction and presentation of the acquired results. The students will present their final motives. Depending on the ideas of the students the final artwork can be realized in digital or analog media. The postproduction is utilized to find an appropriate solution to display

the personal requirements. The possibilities are numerous and a whole new field of exciting possibilities.