Digital darkroom

A workshop proposal by Tammo Rist

How important are digital media in photography today? Some people with an attitude say analog photography is an endangered species. In a few years, it will vegetate a marginal existence. It is timeconsuming, uneconomical, expensive and a threat to the environment. Due to today’s standard of photo software, it’s convinient handling and the stunning output results, you have all reason to believe that the darkroom turned digital.

In this workshop, the student will learn how to expose an image, scan, edit with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and print it to meet highest photographic standards all digital. The digital darkroom not only contains Photoshop, depending on the equipment, the lessons also include hardware parts and software extensions (scanners, printers, software, paper, Abobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge or Apple Aperture) especially in the 2nd part when it comes to practice.

Introduction to Photoshop CS3

The students work on their own files throughout the entire workshop. In the first five units I give an introduction to Photoshop. I highlight the most important tools and explain work processes using examples, assignments and homework to provide a basis for more advanced workflows. I begin with simple tasks and increase the level step by step. The introduction block ends with a test.

Extended use of Photoshop: input and output results

Now the practical part begins. The goal after the practical block is to create at least one high quality print on professional photopaper. The students present a project they want to work on during the following units. First we shift the focus on input devices (camera, scanner) to capture the image. We continue along with the individual editing in Photoshop until the file is ready for printing. This process is accompanied by technical and conceptual tutorials. Before printing, and as the last step, I want to highlight the right choise of paper. The workshop ends with a presentation of all the works.

The workshop can be tailored for beginners and advanced.

Overview: You can choose (or eliminate) units to make it fit to your schedule.

Introduction to Photoshop CS3

Unit A: general introduction of the application (workspace, tools, menus) Unit B: working with layers and sets Unit C: working with adjustment layers, clipping masks and layer masks Unit D: working with smart filters and smart objects Unit E: the color-systems RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and Bitmap Unit F: ICC-profiles and colour management and RAW format Unit G: automatic commands, animation, batches and actions Unit H: HDR, High Dynamic Range photography Unit I: web imaging Unit J: montage and retouch tools Unit K: archive with Adobe Lightroom and Bridge (Apple Aperture)

Extended use of Photoshop: input and output results

Unit 1: scan-edit-print: taking pictures and scanningUnit 2: scan-edit-print: editing 1 (color-management)Unit 3: scan-edit-print: editing 2 (file-handling)Unit 4: scan-edit-print: printing 1 (color-profiles)Unit 5: scan-edit-print: printing 2 (paper-handling)