«Amerika Amerika»

A photo-exhibition between America and Norway. Selected students of Oslo Fotokunstskole (OFKS) exhibit their vision about the United States of America.

The contemporary influence of American culture and life-style on people throughout the world is worth a closer look. How and where can it be seen? Can it be felt? Heard? Can it be smelt or tasted? Do we non-Americans like it? Why and how does it affect us? Are we part of it?

There is a broad consensus that American cultural influence is strong throughout the world. It is communicated through imagery representing or suggesting the ‘American way of life’. From the products of Hollywood and the songs of Bruce Springsteen to things as simple as a Campbell’s soup-can, the New York skyline, a Ford Mustang or McDonalds, America often seems to represent glamour something we non-Americans find ourselves standing in line to glimpse.

However, some believe that American’s influence on the world today is much broader, more powerful and all encompassing than ever before. Many critics look on American influence today as a form of cultural imperialism. In order not to fall for clichés and shadowy, fantasy conspiracies, the Oslo Fotoskunstskole decided that this ambiguous process of cultural influence by a superpower upon the rest of the world deserves a cautious analysis. We selected a frameset for dialectic research into the issue.

In February 2007, about half of the students of Oslo Fotokunstskole went on a five week study trip to the USA. They traveled from New York City via Albuquerque to San Francisco and Las Vegas. The students were requested to develop a documentary about America in photographs. The other half of the students, who remained in Norway, were also asked to produce a ”documentary” about the USA on an imaginary level. «America everywhere» is an experiment about imagination and reality, the exhibition observes “America” from an outsider’s view. The most exciting aspect of this project was not so much whether the image produced abroad aligns with the ”real” America but rather what concepts Norwegians today attribute to America on a personal basis.

«AMERICA AMERIKA» Søndregate 12A, 0155 Oslo
Opening: Wednesday, May 16th 2007, 6 pm
Duration: Thursday, May 17th May 30st 2007
Opening hours: every day from 3 pm 7 pm
Organized by:

Oslo Fotokunstskole Waldemar Thranesgt. 86B 0175 Oslo +47 22 37 45 12


Tammo Rist +47 93 80 16 75